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A new take on baby signing:

Have you ever noticed how babies love to communicate?

Baby signing is about so much more than 'talking', it is about open communication, sharing ideas, easing the flow of the day and responding to your baby's needs. 

Open communication - a huge amount of 'meltdowns' are caused by a child being frustrated when they are not understood - baby signing can be really helpful to clarify what the issue is and to calm the situation, or at the very least to show that you acknowledge their feelings through sign i.e. I can see you are very 'angry' right now.  Being able to acknowledge feelings and label emotions from an early age is hugely beneficial.

Sharing ideas - being aware of your baby's interests and using simple signs or gestures to involve them in their surroundings.  Similarly you can use the same signs or gestures to show them things that interest you.

Easing the flow of the day - babies often don't like change, and to stop one activity and move on to another one can cause major anxiety.  But what if you used a few favourite songs and rhymes along with simple signs to let your baby know what was coming next?  Just imagine, if you use the same song for bath time / cleaning teeth / brushing hair / getting in the car (whatever the sticking point is) your baby will know what to expect and help to ease the transition from one activity to another.

Responding to your baby's needs - as parents / carers we all want to be able to respond to our baby quickly and efficiently, baby signing classes can really help.  I still remember the first time my son told me what he wanted, he was being very grizzly (I think that he was about 11 months), he'd only been up a few hours and he signed: up, milk, bed - honestly I was amazed!  If we hadn't been going to baby signing classes I probably wouldn't have been able to respond to his needs as quickly as I did, and the situation would probably have deteriorated before I worked it out.

Can't sing?  Worried about learning new skills or looking silly?  Don't panic!  In our classes we use traditional nursery rhymes (I promise that you'll know *most* of them), made up songs, silly rhymesand a large musical instrument section to learn simple gestures and signs to help your little one to communicate.

These gestures and signs can have a huge positive impact on your baby's cooperation, their understanding and their frustration levels. And more importantly our sessions are fun, interactive and social - each class includes 'play time' where the children get to explore the toys and the parents / carers get to have a cuppa, a sneaky biscuit and a chat.

Classes are suitable from 5 months up to pre-school.

Why parents choose us:

  • Small classes
  • Relaxed, fun and friendly sessions
  • Educational content
  • Increase communication skills
  • Stay & play section
  • Half termly topics

Our class structure


A few jolly songs to welcome everybody to the class.

Termly signs

Each term we will have a different topic to cover such as: animal friends, tasty treats, favourite folk, playing together etc.

Musical instruments

This is usually the babies favourite part!  We get out the shakers, tambourines, jingle bells and play along with the music and make LOTS of noise

Routine signs

This section includes those necessary 'go to' gestures / signs that we can use every day such as: nappy, bath time, bed time, play. please, thank you etc. all delivered through well known songs and traditional nursery rhymes

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Which level?

Nursery signers

This level is for babies from 5 months to approx. 14 months.  The gestures are suitable for smaller children and cover the signing basics as well as half termly topics that your little one will enjoy such as: animal friends, transport, out & about and playing together.

Toddler talkers

Approx. 14 months - 3years +  Our second level is suitable for children who are confident walkers / movers (bum shufflers VERY welcome) and have either completed our nursery signers classes or are old enough to enjoy more conversational topics e.g tasty treats, whatever the weather, helping hands and number rhymes.

The musical section for toddler talkers will be more physical and will include one or all of the following each week: marching, hopping, jumping, copying and dancing.  It's really great fun and helps to burn off some energy!


Wendy Brown

I first started attending baby signing classes my son Guy was about 8 months old.  He was a typical baby and desperate to communicate!  I couldn't believe how quickly he picked up the songs and gestures, I still remember the wonder of his first conversational sign.  We were in Asda carpark, Guy looked up and signed 'bird', oh the excitement!  We were communicating about something that interested him.  And from then on he surprised me by learning more and more signs and even making up some of his own!

I absolutely love teaching baby signing!  It's a real pleasure to help babies and their grown ups communicate and to find common interests.

From my own personal experience baby signing has helped my children (Guy was born in 2015, Ruby in 2017) no end.  We use signs to show emotion, we sing certaing songs with their corresponding gestures when it is time to change a nappy, go home, get in the bath etc. The children look at me when I am talking to see what signs I am using, and it has also really helped to stop the strops! 

I have seen some amazing results - and I hope that you will too


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